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On September 14, 2019
video marketing services

Here is a fun fact – Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in a text. Nearly everyone conducts online research as part of their buying journey and it also sets the stage for more human interactions between brands and consumers. These interactions work so well because they do not feel like marketing. What better medium do we have to propel this new wave of humanized marketing than a video?

PaintApp is an interactive mobile app for Home painting, the first one of its kind. They provide quick and speedy service i.e. estimate within 15 minutes and every detail is available on their App.

PaintApp is an interactive mobile app for Home painting, who approached us for an entrenched marketing strategy; we had worked with the marketing team of PaintApp to devise 2 broad strategies:

  • Sales Lead Generation and
  • Brand propagation

Need for Video marketing services

Video marketing has established its ascendency over other marketing strategies in both the B2C and B2B circles. According to a LinkedIn study, “62% of B2B marketers rate video as the most important format they will use for content this year…”

Entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners have used to create stunning videos that helped them improve the conversion rates on their home page, land new clients, get leads, increase awareness, and grow their business.

Process for Video marketing services

The strategy involved end to end video marketing services to PaintApp that includes research, identification of Target Groups, positioning of selective category, creation of communication, creation of marketing collateral, cost effective mediums for carrying the communications, monitoring the metrics, creation of re-targeting and revisions to the existing strategy. We devised a few campaigns to explain the product, as the product was first of its kind. Snapshot of various collaterals are given below for displaying the efficiency of work carried out.

Trouble Shoot Area:

  1. Campaigning for mass audience
  2. Creating video funnel

Result of Social media marketing services

The client appreciated us for creating overwhelming traction’s, making the campaign successful and for transcending PaintApp to reach next level. Also, there was an increase in the App download count and we successfully achieved the desired downloads. can increase your profits and influence your target audience to out rank your competition with Business Advertising Strategies. being one among marketing analytics companies dedicatedly working on business advertising and marketing products online. We have 10 years of expertise in Digital Marketing and website design. You need not run behind video ad agency since we have in house capability for animation videos and graphic designs

Our creativity in content and marketing experience has made us the best social media ad agency in producing graphical content which converts into revenue for the business. We devise marketing strategies and provide comprehensive services, through our young, oriented, creative team.

Partner with us for Growth.

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A few marketing collateral’s for display:

Message: PaintApp Mobile App for Home Painting a explainer video with a twist of sale.

Content: Two friends chatting, one concerned of getting the home painted and other appraises him about PaintApp and its benefits.


Message: Now Buying Made Easy Through PaintApp

Content: A satire between the hotel server and guest, showing how easily a painting contract can be bought.



Message: Showing how serious is Painting for PaintApp

Content: A wall, emotion around the wall and painting.


Message: Instant Updates and Express Painting Services through PaintApp

Content: Conveyed in the lines of most popular railway announcements.


Message: Funny video for Re-engagement.

Content: This video provides the general reminder and followup for existing PaintApp customers.



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