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On February 21, 2020
SEM marketing companies in Chennai

Search Engine Marketing or Google’s Pay Per Click takes a great deal of specialized skill and operational ability. You need to know the nitty-gritty of the procedure alongside the genuine catchphrases that would get the best rate of return.

As a SEM Marketing Company, we had done a research on the home cleaning, repair & maintenance services and the online competition in the market. Our Search Engine Marketing Solution team started the campaign finding actual required services in the market and submitted forecast to the client. The campaign for Home Cleaning Services focused on:

  • Online presence for the above Service
  • Increase the leads and improve ROI
  • Build awareness local location

Pulito Services is staffed with a well-trained, verified and skilled workforce, provides Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, Cleaning Pest, Control services, Appliance repairs etc. Anybody can provide these services, but Pulito makes it convenient and hassle free, connecting with technology. We also did a Digital promotion for the App to get online customers.

Need for SEM Marketing

The primary object was to get customers who were looking repair services. The client was not getting enough leads on their website. While we were undertaking landing page optimization they needed a solution that would get them instant results. They were looking for potential users who needed the service.The secondary objective of the SEM activity was to target individuals and households.

Process for SEM Marketing

We defined the campaign structure and decided on which medium works for client. We found target audience booking on search engine to get services.

  • Google Keyword Research
  • Content Creation and Website Design – SEM Marketing Companies in Chennai
  • Digital Campaign Setup
  • Monitor CPC, CTR and Keywords

Trouble Shoot Area: Customer categorization.

Research Analysis-SEM Marketing Companies in chennai

Design-Google ads agency in chennai

Result of SEM Marketing

Google ads search campaign resulted for Pulito Services with ROI 20% in 30 days. The client was obviously happy and we have retained them ever since.

Report-online advertising agency in chennai can increase your profits and influence your target audience to out rank your competition with Business Advertising Strategies. being one among marketing analytics companies dedicatedly working on business advertising and marketing products online. We have 10 years of expertise in Digital Marketing and website design. You need not run behind video ad agency since we have in house capability for animation videos and graphic designs

Our creativity in content and marketing experience has made us the best social media ad agency in producing graphical content which converts into revenue for the business. We devise marketing strategies and provide comprehensive services, through our young, oriented, creative team.

Partner with us for Growth.

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