Digital Marketing for FMCG Companies | Google Ads Company in Chennai | PristinoPure – Bio Septic Tank Treatment Powder

Digital Marketing for FMCG Companies | Google Ads Company in Chennai | PristinoPure – Bio Septic Tank Treatment Powder

Digital Marketing for FMCG Companies – Pristino Pure

Pristino Pure is a new age Septic Tank Cleaning Product. Helps customer to keep their septic tank clean and hygienic, this is can be used in house and workplace. Pristino Pure is environmental friendly and made up of formulation with BIO ENZYMES.

We, Digi-marketers devised a research on the new product by understanding the necessity in market of bio/organic cleaning and environmental friendly.

After understanding we started the project with our marketing team and we named the product as Pristino Pure.

Our Marketing team started the Pristino Pure Project. First we did a Product naming by understanding the values of product to customer. The name Pristino means Pure. We created brand logo, custom package designing and marketing collateral’s.


Marketing Research

We did a research for Pristino pure in the four perspectives such as septic tank cleaning, toilet cleaning, bio cleaning and wastewater treatment.

Digital Marketing FMCG Companies - Research Report by EFFE

Concept and Design: Content Creation Company

Choosing product brand name, designing logo identity, creating concept of fictional character and promoting PristinoPure across all marketing and communications

Creating Brand Identy pristinopure

Hands sketch pristino 2d animation character

Pristino 3d animation

Marketing Paid Campaigns:

Digital Marketing Team devised two broad strategies;

  1. Product sales lead generation
  2. Branding

The strategy implemented in a several mediums like content creation, graphic design, video making and product listing in e-commerce sites.


A few marketing collateral for display:

Google Search Ad Campaign: Google Online Marketing in Chennai

Message: The target audience who search for septic tank cleaning powder, they can easily find the products listed on search engine.


Digital Marketing for FMCG Companies -Google search ad campaign

Digital Marketing for FMCG Companies -Google search ad campaign


Google Display Ad Campaign: Online Advertising Services

Message: Audience who visited our client website, Will see this display ads across platform tracking to their IP Address


Digital Marketing for FMCG Companies -Google Display ad campaign

Google Video Ad Campaign: Video Marketing Services

Message: Video campaigns are made to attract new audience and engage existing customers.


Digital Marketing for FMCG Companies -Google video ad campaign

Google Shopping Ad Campaign: Marketing Products Online

Message: Selling online competing similar interest of the target audience. Generally this strategy is used for direct product sales. Customer can easily reach the product page and make purchase.


Digital Marketing for FMCG Companies-Google Shopping Ads Campaign

Facebook Ad Campaigns: Social Media Marketing 

Sell on multiple social platforms, reaching our defined target groups and engaging directly with customers.

Message: We create post and boost, manage your ad account and schedule the campaigns. Optimizing the campaign and ensure the spend budget is result driven.

Digital Marketing for FMCG Companies -Facebook ad campaign

Amazon Ads Campaign: Sell on multiple marketplaces in India

Message: We register products in various online market places relevant to your business category. Example Amazon E-commerce platform for FMCG customers


Digital Marketing for FMCG Companies -Amazon campaign

Google My Business Campaign: Local Business Promotion

Message: Listing locally and regular posting is done. Registering the business in relevant category and engage with customers


Digital Marketing for FMCG Companies -Google my business

Result and Optimization: Integrated Digital Marketing Services


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