B2B Email Marketing Campaign impact on Murugappa product introduction and Customer Rapport

Written by effeindia

On March 30, 2020
B2B Email Marketing Campaign

Among the foremost important lead sources, email marketing stands out as a transparent winner. It barely loses to social media and SEO in inbound effectiveness and surpasses every other outbound lead source by a big percentage. In other words, email marketing is pound for pound, still your best source for quality leads.

The Email Marketing Campaign was strategized to create awareness and engagement with the existing customers. We did a customer engagement campaign fully focusing on bridging the gap between customers and Company.

Carborundum Universal Limited (CUMI), a part of Murugappa Group, one of the largest and oldest conglomerates in India. CUMI is a leading manufacturer and developer of abrasives, ceramics, refractories, aluminium oxide grains, machine tools, polymers, adhesives and electro minerals in India.

We have also done CUMI’s Jawan Product Lead Generation Campaign, after which we got a chance to introduce their new product UNICOOL.

Need for B2B Email Marketing Campaign

The Client group has more than 3000+ products. It was a classic case of product penetration into the existing market. Customer engagement, creating awareness of new product and identifying potential customer were the major goals.

Process for B2B Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing is done in a simple way and does a great role in businesses. We strategized our email marketing campaign in a step by step manner and finally achieved the required conversion ratio.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Email Marketing Campaign Listing
  2. B2B Email Marketing Campaign Content and Design Creative
  3. Email Campaign Scheduling
  4. B2B Email Marketing Campaign Integration
  5. Email Campaign Maintenance
  6. Email Marketing Campaign Report

Trouble Shoot Area: Data Segregation

Email Listing-B2B Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing Campaign-Design Creative

Result of B2B Email Marketing Campaign

A 3% conversion rate for the UNICOOL product from the existing unengaged customers was achieved.  A custom mail list based on the categorization of the buyer persona was created.

Report - B2B Eamil Marketing Campaign

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